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2 way online free adult web chat ipad

The upside is you have access to premium page sets too.

The downside is it’s annoying that it only allows you to have one i Pad logged on at a time.

Well unless you work in some mythical setting with unlimited funds or have a well established booming private practice, it’s unlikely that you would be able to afford very many AAC apps. App developers have significant costs related to keeping robust AAC apps updated and paying licensing fees for high quality symbol sets and voices.

So we shouldn’t expect these apps to be priced at the same level as other speech therapy apps or kids educational apps. There is a way to get FREE access to the full version of many AAC apps but it will “cost” you some time and effort.

This does not lend itself well to AAC evals that may be done in a single appointment and you need to be able to trial on a full sized i Pad and an i Pad Mini.

This would be such an easy fix Tobii Dynavox (in case you happen to read this post)… I’m guessing you set a limit to prevent SLPs from logging on from personal i Pads for their full caseload and thus undermining the market for the paid versions of the app but a limit of 2 would be a good compromise.

I will be updating this list as I get new AAC apps: The key is being persistent.If I don’t get a response there, then I look on their website for an e-mail address or to see if they have a formal process for requesting a copy of the app.This info can be difficult to find so dig a little. I am a SLP at a non-profit facility that does tons of AAC evals and purchasing recommendations. How SLPs can get FREE access to AAC apps, AAC app user groups, funding options & more!I have seen no less than 10 posts in a variety of Facebook groups this week from SLPs asking about free lite versions of AAC apps worded in a way that it was clear that the person who posted it thought that was their only option for getting access to AAC apps to trial with patients / students.

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