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300 year history internet dating

Think of the role the humble Mexican yam played in the Sexual Revolution, in free love, in feminism, in the rise of single-occupancy apartments and the decline of the nuclear family.

Perhaps the most disruptive technology is the internet, which has in a few years utterly changed how we communicate, share information, shop, travel, think and love.

About half of them added me as well (reciprocity), and presto, by the end of the day I was right up the popular board.

My uncle, a journalist at the Guardian, emailed me bemusedly to tell me my Soulmates photo was on the homepage of the Guardian main-site. Gatsby, you didn’t need to throw all those parties: you just need to maximise your search engine optimisation.

Another girl, who was number one on the popular board, told me she had run as an MP.

It was like an advent calendar, where you keep opening the little windows, without ever quite getting to Christmas. The technology may be cool and efficient, but you’re still dealing with the slow messiness of the human heart.

The speed of disruption was brought to my mind when I went to see , which is about Facebook. They’re already making a movie about Facebook, before it’s even gone public. The beginning of the film takes us back in time to the origins of Facebook, way back in 2003.

The reason Facebook succeeded, the film explained to me, is that its technology isn’t entirely disruptive.

Sometimes it all feels a bit too mechanical, a bit efficient, which is why the title is so genius: ‘Guardian Soulmates’ – as if destiny and the soul can play a role in such a rationalized market.

People who’ve met on it, and got married, have to invent stories to enhance the illusion of destiny: ‘His was the very first profile I looked at’ – so they can hold on to the belief that this was MEANT TO BE, and not simply the random accident of an internet algorithm.

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I’d actually tried internet dating before, a couple of years ago, but hadn’t had much luck, mainly because I kept on correcting people’s typos.

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