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“They told me they were working out dealing with their mother and their grandparents. Mc Coy offers this final piece of advice: “A parent who expects his or her adult children to be everything becomes a burden.We need to fill our lives with our own passions and hobbies."A parent shouldn’t interpret that as a sign of enmity.” Kathy Mc Coy, Ph. Perceived indifference is usually just an adult child's act of independence.

Noticing that he didn't have curtains on the windows, she volunteered to sew some — and was disappointed when he declined her offer. I thought he didn’t want me around.” Milo Greenberg, 60, had an even more disturbing situation with his grown children.

Then, when his girlfriend waltzed in an hour later with Bed Bath & Beyond shopping bags stuffed with drapes, Tracey almost burst into tears. “My ex-wife and I waited until after they were on their own before we divorced," he says.

"The whole process wasn’t particularly acrimonious. But after the divorce, my kids seemed really distant, as if they were blaming me.” (MORE: How to Tell Your Adult Children You're Divorcing) Psychologist Joshua Coleman, Ph.

Yet sometimes it still took Jason days to get back to her.

“When he came home one weekend, he told me he had a lot going on and that we should assume he was okay unless we heard otherwise.

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(MORE: How to Heal a Rift With Your Adult Child) 7 Tips for Staying Close So how can parents manage to stay close to grown children who need space? While your friends may be all ears for a graphic description of your latest mammogram or blow-by-blow recount of a fight with your boss, your children will probably not be as riveted.