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A “low circumcision” involves removing less of the shaft’s skin and more of the foreskin resulting in a scar line closer to the tip of the penis.

The length of the penile shaft also plays a role in the perceived tightness of circumcision.

When travelling in regional NSW on regional transport services, you will need to contact the local transport operators for ticketing and fare information.

Willamette Pass Resort is a developed recreation site operating under aspecial use permit through the U. Forest Service on Willamette and Deschutes National Forest lands. Willamette Pass Resort is an equal opportunity employer.

You can use an Opal card on all modes of public transport within the Opal network.Similar to the style above, but with the scar line closer to the glans.The quality of the scar line depends on a number of factors.With a longer shaft, a tight circumcision results in higher manoeuvrability than a shorter shaft, as the extra skin gives more room to stretch and the impression of a looser circumcision.By contrast, some men perceive that a tight or normal circumcision is tighter than it actually is when there is less shaft skin available.


You can also order your card on the Opal website or by calling 13 67 25 (13 OPAL).

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