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Bipolar dating websites

The lows that bipolar offers are not simply a day of not wanting to get out of bed.

They can last for long periods of time and can make us feel as though there is no point to life.

Who to tell, and when to tell them, is a challenge because I hear so many people say jokingly, “He’s so bipolar,” not knowing the truth. E., Dating with bipolar wasn’t nearly as bad as I had imagined.Type 1 bipolar disorder means you have more extreme mood swings with longer periods of mania. Of course, neither type is necessarily ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than another and everyone with the disorder will have experience what they deem to be the ‘worst part’ of the disorder at some point or another.However, while everyone with the disorder knows what to expect, those close to them may not be as familiar with how they might act during a time of mania or depression.My husband and I just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. There were some things I was aware of in the beginning. How could someone that had a good job never have any?We have a wonderful relationship but it has taken a lot of hard work and patience to achieve the level of contentment and symmetry we have now. I hope to educate and inspire others to find serenity and happiness in their lives, and in their marriages. The exhilaration of a new relationship to me, I realize now was just a manic phase for you. I knew he had been an alcoholic, sober for 15 years. I knew that at some points in his life he had suffered from depression and panic attacks. So I clearly didn’t go into this relationship with my eyes closed, did I?

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Being rejected by a potential mate is the major reason I choose not to tell people right away, but rather wait until some level of trust and care has been established. My plan was to date someone for one month and then tell them I have bipolar.