Birthcontrol and dating

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Birthcontrol and dating

By using this pill, there are more chances of getting pregnant rather than using combination pill.

The mini-pill must be taken on a daily basis; it will result in no period or irregular periods.

The most common reasons include changes in the daily routine, the absence of a partner, observing spotting, or just forgetting to take a pill. In a recent study, it was found that around 45% women end up skipping one or more pills and around 22% women end up missing two or more pills in a cycle.

Despite the fact that people skip pills, chances of pregnancy are still very low as missing pills more than ten days will minimize the chances of ovulation to one in ten.

With the decrease in the dosage of hormones, the risk linked with birth control pills has also reduced to a great extent.

Here is a video to tell you what's the relationship between birth control pill and pregnancy: You know the general relation between birth control pill and pregnancy, you should also pay attention to the side effects of the pills.This way a period occurs every three months rather than every month.Another pill, known as the mini pill, lowers the dosage of progesterone and reduces the number of monthly periods.Once people talk about birth control pill and pregnancy, they usually think about the effect that birth control pill has on pregnancy.Despite taking birth control pills, women occasionally end up being pregnant.

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