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(Inner optimist: “They can still let loose and have fun around each other, more so than they can with anyone else.”) Brennan points out to Cam that Booth seems to like Cat Fish, noting that while she herself prefers to be alone, it’s important for Booth to share his life.

Cam mentions Hacker, whom Brennan says she likes, but not like Booth- “I mean … Cam promises that Brennan isn’t outside the laws of nature, and I love Brennan’s uniquely cynical and hopeful response: “Then, in ignorance I await my own surprise.

When he jumps up on stage and starts to sing, she picks up a guitar! ” Brennan: “Well, I play the akonting, the folk lute of the Jola tribe, but the guitar is not dissimilar.” Apparently not!

And so they rock out to “Hot Blooded” with the camp band backing them, jumping up and down and having a total blast, even finding out about new evidence during the song and choosing to rock another verse anyway. This scene embodies almost everything I love about this show.

A daredevil missing a testicle is found in a hotel’s washing machine.

I would imagine over 10 years some kind of effect would be there. It’s hard to be on set for so many hours a day for 10 months of the year and not have the actor leak into the character and vice versa. You’ll see different sides of Brennan in me from day-to-day and vice versa.“I think, definitely, Brennan has softened a bit over the years and probably we’ve met in the middle somewhere.

They’re agreed that it would be weird, but they go ahead and make it happen anyway. But it’s also pretty adorable, especially when they bond over their mutually socially awkward jobs.

Michelle, though, isn’t psyched to find out her mom’s dating her gyno. She gets hilariously parental, scolding Cam but also insisting she get a life, this time without sneaking around behind her back.

In the Season 11 premiere, it was revealed that Booth was lying to Brennan about what he was up to when he wasn’t working at his cushy, new job training recruits.

Now, he is missing in action and bleeding profusely from being shot.

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I had a lot of fun watching this episode of “Bones,” despite the somewhat pedestrian case of the week.