C14 dating diamonds

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C14 dating diamonds

I try to be very careful to use only the best evidenced, most reliable arguments.

I was checking something out on the internet and came across a critique of RATE by a (professedly evangelical) Old Earther named Kirk Bertsche. His earlier critique in 2007 was ably replied to by John Baumgardner in Nov., 2007, but then Bertsche added some info for his 2008 version. My specific question concerns this assertion by the (anti-YEC critic) Bertsche: Taylor and Southon have also measured unprocessed diamond, finding a similar range of 0.005 to 0.03 p MC without background subtraction.

One good reason for the authors’ caution was the absence of this trend of higher 14C count with lower ion current in the measurements reported in part A of Table 2.They interpret this result as their instrument background, primarily due to ion source memory.Their ion source current varied, unintentionally, over about a factor of two, perhaps due to crystal face orientation or to conductivity differences between samples.So the intent is that you cannot believe that diamonds give any indication of absolute ages that are consistent with young earth worldview.A few days ago I received an email from a missionary friend, who wrote: I was working on a ppt presentation and including a slide about C-14 in diamonds.

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Indeed, the authors acknowledge their inability to provide a confident explanation.

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