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Later on, Brenda introduced Sonny to her friend, Lois Cerullo.

Sonny found out about it, but he and Carly uncovered Ric s treachery and true motivations.

Kate defended Sonny and the pair attacked Carly for allowing everyone to grieve over Jax.

Morgan convinced his father that Ava was willing to change allegiances and with documents that Ava had procured, Sonny speculated that his brother Ric was secretly bankrolling Julian s operation.

Carly hid in the closet and was shocked when Sonny took the meeting and the police showed up kiky alliance dating.

His anger cooled after Olivia survived and Sonny learned that another shooter, not Shawn, had actually shot Olivia while aiming for Franco.

Almost a year later, a medical procedure drew Michael out of his coma.

(Copyright 2008 by the American Health Lawyers Association and reproduced for the benefit of and to promote the health of the community served by the distributing organization.) Retrieved September 8, 2009 from Retrieved September 8, 2009 from Series/Documents/Emergency Preparedness Community Pan-Flu Preparedness: A Checklist of Key Legal Issues for Healthcare Providers.

Emergency Preparedness Response & Recovery Checklist: Beyond the Emergency Management Plan.

While Carly was there, Faith had her brainwashed against Sonny.

John s sister Theresa danced at the club and Joe Jr. Alcazar then had Lily haunt Sonny and convince Sonny that his wife and child would be hurt because of him unless he left them.


Alternatively, explicit assumptions must be made regarding allocation of scarce resources, standards of care, and priority setting during a pandemic.

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