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Posted by / 15-Feb-2019 18:20

No matter how you found her, for some reason you can’t get her out of your mind.

Something inside you screams The first mistake that guys make when they try to flirt with girls on Facebook who they have neither seen nor spoken to in real life is that they send a friend request in the hope that she will accept it. Do you know what I do whenever a stranger sends me a friend request? You never know if it is a scam profile that wants to get rid of some nasty viruses or just a weirdo who tries to make as many imaginary friends as possible. It doesn’t make any sense to add someone as your friend when you don’t know if this person exists.

None of these guys would say the things they write during a real conversation in a coffee shop, on the street or in a shopping mall.

If she is a beautiful woman who is single for a long time she craves for honesty and understanding of her situation. She is a gorgeous single woman with a nice profile picture who receives smarmily comments and phony Likes all day long.

Yep, these are the kind of messages that will make her fantasize about you in her wet dreams…

Just because there are so many creepy guys on Facebook doesn’t mean that you have to be one of them.

We can only imagine how many women will commit suicide when Facebook implements the dislike button…As a result of this interplay a lot of guys mistakenly assume that all they have to do in order to get a girl’s attention is to like her picture and to write a stupid comment under it.

If you don’t believe me you just have to look at lord friend zone in the last comment: In case you think that this creepy behavior is the fast track to her panties I want to congratulate you: Stop the liking and the commenting and think about what could really work.

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