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The tintype, actually misnamed, is an iron plate that has been coated with a black lacquer.This lacquer (sometimes referred to as japan, from the substance's country of origin) provided a smooth tonal surface on which to develop the image and it prevented the iron from rusting.By this time, less expensive, easier to produce Ambrotypes became popular.Virtually all serious Daguerreotype photography ceased by the mid-1860s.There were over 70 photography studios in New York City in 1850 producing daguerreotypes.The Daguerreotype was the predominant means of photography until the late 1850s.

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In the late 1850s, various colored glasses were used instead of clear glass, with ruby the favorite color.

This produced a richer image and eliminated the need to blacken the back of the image glass.

The tintype was more commonly known in its time as a ferrotype (ferrous being the name of iron from your chemistry class), and melainotype, a variation of the melano prefix meaning dark or black.

The tintype enjoyed the longest success of any 19th century photographic process in history.

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