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The whole project took a day and a half, involved digging up the entire pipe, adding a layer of crushed rock to prevent settling, and then replacing the pipe on the correct slope – and wasn’t exactly cheap.

If the problem had been discovered in the “inspection phase” of the home buying process, the home buyers could have negotiated with the sellers to have the drainpipe fixed or possibly even decide not to buy the house at all.

To sum things up, a camera inspection of the main sewer line should be included along with all the other usual inspections buyers include in a home purchase offer.

The sewer line inspection can be performed on the same day as other inspections and takes about an hour or two at most.

However, houses that have been vacant for even a short period of time will often pass this type of inspection easily.

The bottom line is that sewer line trouble usually won’t show until you and your family have been living in the house for a few weeks or even just a few days.

The thought of opening up that pipe in the middle of the customer’s living room – well, grossed her completely out, so we installed an outside clean out shortly after they moved in.They’re caused by either improper installation of the pipe or from earth settling beneath the pipe.These home buyers needed approximately 65 feet of new pipe installed with the correct positive slope to fix the issue.Bitte beachten Sie: Bilder, Grafiken, Text- oder sonstige Dateien können ganz oder teilweise dem Urheberrecht Dritter unterliegen. Soweit nicht anders vermerkt liegen die Bildrechte auf den zentralen Seiten bei der Universität Regensburg (Referat II/2 – Kommunikation; April Santiago Photography).Bitte beachten Sie die abweichenden Bildrechte für manche der Abbildungen auf folgenden Seiten: Darüber hinaus werden auch Bilder von verwendet.

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