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According to a study published in the Journal of Bisexuality, "[t]he Down Low is a lifestyle predominately practiced by young, urban Black men who have sex with other men and women, yet do not identify as gay or bisexual." In this context, "being on the Down Low" is more than just men having sex with men in secret, or a variant of closeted homosexuality or bisexuality — it is a sexual identity that is, at least partly, defined by its "cult of masculinity" and its rejection of what is perceived as white culture (including white LGBT culture) and terms.Rejecting a gay culture they perceive as white and effeminate, many black men have settled on a new identity, with its own vocabulary and customs and its own name: Down the newspaper's June 2003 "Queer Issue," a controversial op-ed piece that questioned the relationship between HIV/AIDS and men "on the down low".The article was the first mainstream piece to openly criticize negative mainstream media depictions of down-low men and put a different spin on the DL phenomenon. Then in August 2003 the New York Times Magazine ran a cover story called "Double Lives on the Down Low", written by Benoit Denizet-Lewis.To them, as to many blacks, that equates to being inherently masculine.In his book Beyond the Down Low: Sex, Lies and Denial in Black America, Keith Boykin states that secret homosexual relations are not unique to African American men, and in fact occur in many societies and among all races.he wasn’t.” When asked how she found out about his sexcapades and down low doings with other men she said.“I simply typed his screen name in Google and every account he owned on porn sites popped up.

The term quickly became conflated with an eroticism of black and Latino homosexual activity.His study examines DL discourses closely, while also exploring how DL men handle masculinity and sexuality.In 2008 writer Terrance Dean published his memoir: Hiding in Hip-Hop: On the Down Low in the Entertainment industry—from Music to Hollywood where he discusses his own experience being down-low in the industry as well as others in the industry who are also down-low.There have always been men – black and white – who have had secret sexual lives with men.But the creation of an organized, underground subculture largely made up of black men who otherwise live straight lives is a phenomenon of the last decade...

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