Dating guide for teenagers

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Dating guide for teenagers

However, when everything is available, there is no need for creativity.

Students now don’t have to pay much effort on their assignment or project because they only need a few minutes to get all information they need from the Internet then copy paste into their work.

This problem is a warning for the increase in plagiarism, leading to the lack of creativity.

When this habit happens several times, these young people will be dependent on the Internet to finish their studying.

One significant feature of Internet is the unlimited sources of information.

This feature benefits users by quick access to needed info at ease.

Therefore, it is important to be aware of these negative effects of Internet in advance.

The idea of taking face to face is becoming a tough decision.This type of harassment is safer and easier than physical bullying because there is hardly any regulation or law to control the problems.Victims of cyber bullying may feel insulted or embarrassed because of the wicked comments or opinions.However, there is a rising concern developing along with the growth of this global system. The lack of control over information sources, security leaking or internet addiction is mentioned more frequently than ever.Never in the past did the negative effects of Internet receive as much as attention in comparison to this century.

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Cyber bullying is basically a term to describe the bullying using the Internet.

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