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Dating in the 1970s

If at any time a teen feels pressured by a partner, he or she should refrain from the relationship.2. He has a dirty penis and therefore the women that chase that man or type of man are sluts.Gender Education: It is important that teens receive specific gender education in terms of understanding relationships. Predictors and consequences of sexual "hookups" among college students: A short-term prospective study. On the other hand a male stud will dump a female in a heartbeat if he suspects she is having sex with someone else. Women will knowingly chase dirty dick but a man will will not have any part of a dirty vagina.

Perhaps the immediate social context of the college or high school environment, coupled with the media's distal influence, perpetuates the hook-up environment.Teens believe that extreme behavior is typical, which influences their choices and behavior, and ultimately their peers' behavior.The media glamorizes images of extreme behavior such as late night partying at fraternities, multiple hook-ups, and excessive drinking which perpetuates teens' hook-up mentality. Prof says alcohol, dating culture leads to college hook-ups. Retrieved December 2, 2010, from: Photo Credit: By misattributing the problem, you're creating a blind spot while rather openly perpetuating sexism.Fielder and Carey's research also highlights consequences of hooking-up, suggesting that females tend to feel worse about themselves after the hook-up while men experience increases in self-esteem. Perhaps evolutionary theories can explain this phenomenon speculating that hooking-up is advantageous to men because it facilitates rapidly changing partners, due to the absence of an emotional bond, and multiple partners increase the likelihood that men will pass along their genes to the next generation. While I agree that parents need to discuss sexual encounters alone gender lines, there are some things that boys need to hear that we tell our girls: your body is precious, don't just put a part of yourself into another person casually, that there are emotional/psychological consequences; sex changes a relationship, hookups don't provide the opportunities that boys and girls need to practice behaviors that help build long term relationship; when a girl/boy says no, it's no; and, boys can say no; not everyone "hooks up".From an evolutionary perspective, hooking-up can be detrimental to women due to the uncertainty of maintaining the relationship after the encounter. The reason men are called gods or studs and women are called sluts should be obvious.

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A woman who hooks-up often feels empty and used after the encounter and as a result, she may be defined in accordance to how others perceive her sexuality...another double standard to consider. Early Talks about Relationships: Begin early talks with teens about the emotional consequences of hooking-up. Sleeping with that type of man to prove you are more of a woman than the other women is just done for validation.

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