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Playing taboo is common among families in which there is one or more alcoholics, some form of family violence, and in which sexual abuse, and in particular, incest occurs.

How to cope: Break the silence and tell someone who can help—a teacher, social worker, doctor, priest, or police officer, or call a helpline for more advice.

Here is your chance to get an honest feedback from an expert in a “dress rehearsal.” During this crash course, you’ll get a taste of in-the-field training on how to be the best “You” when it comes to dating, mating and connecting with the opposite sex.

Their determination not to change can be astounding.It involves the pretense that everything is the way it should be, while in reality, you're being duped.Bluffing is the most popular of all the addict games.It's also a way to keep family members in a position of enabling the substance user by threatening the risk of exposing the addiction, making the whistleblower responsible for the subsequent social shaming of the family.Just like the game of taboo, the addict creates a situation where speaking directly about what's happening is taboo and thus forbidden.

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And just like the childhood game of stuck in the mud, if they get to you, you can get stuck too.

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