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(In some cases, you might combine choices and free input; for example, you could have a set of alternatives, the last one being for "Other, please specify", with an attached free text input field.) Note: If the choices are not essentially a simple list of alternatives, i.e.if you need to construct a attribute) constitute a group.

Fast CGI is a standard protocol that allows the CGI executable files for application frameworks to interface with the Web server.This way, you could get very positive results - which are positively incorrect.The person who answered your questionnaire might think he said "I don't know" or "I don't want to answer that question", but perhaps it was actually taken as "yes" (or whatever happened to be the textually first alternative).don't use it for another set of radion buttons in another form on the same page.Using several submit buttons for creating a choice menu necessarily restricts it into a 1-of-many choice.

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  1. We also kept an eye on health care resources and costs (although in some cases — notably San Francisco and New York — the sheer single-friendliness of the city trumped its admittedly steep cost of living).