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If you find yourself feeling confused, just remind yourself that confusion — like so much else — is a spectrum.

And wherever you fall on it, CASH, know you've got plenty of company.

") I would advise you to say some vaguely affirming things ("Your diaper thing doesn't bother me, and wouldn't even if it were sexual") without pressuring him to include you at diaper time. I think you meant "fairly compatible" not "faulty compatible." Normally I would correct a mistake like this before printing a letter—but I rather liked your accidental phrase. In sex ed, I always thought the whole idea of sexual intercourse was strange.

Avoid those generic dating sites that don't cater to your specific needs.

I have listed several below: Results 1 to 10 of If you are like most people in the ABDL world then you strive for that connection to other similar and like minded people.

Plus, in the end diapers can only be conversational so much.

Even if your assumption is accurate, it could still put him on the defensive. You have a hard time believing PNB when he says there's nothing sexual about his interest in diapers, and that makes two of us.

Seeing as he's already succumbed to shame where his kink is concerned — or it might be more accurate to say he hasn't dug himself out from under the shame almost all kinksters struggle with initially — he is very likely weighed down by the sex-negativity that comes bundled with kink-shame.

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