Dicarlo dating

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If you don’t care for blonde bikini models, well frankly we’re worried about you. We can’t decide whether we like her rolling around in the sand in tiny swimwear or rolling around on the furniture in tiny lingerie better. A taste of the menu: naughty school girl, sexy secretary, something involving “fruit and sauces” served off her body. This girl does doubles too (not tennis, focus.) Bree is so enthusiastic, spankable and entirely edible that she’s our number one “yes woman” in the Midwest.

Adahlia is going to feed your body, mind and soul so just sit back and prepare to be spoiled!This is a five star type of lady, a Champaign brunch type of girl. maybe you don’t want to share Edie with the world, maybe you want the presidential treatment, the private VIP experience.In that case you’ll be more interested in Edie’s satin skin and the sexy half smile playing on her tempting pink lips than in her polished table manners.The body is tight and curvaceous, little waist and generous elsewhere, she’s a modern punk pinup.The attitude on this girl takes the cake, she’s whimsical and affectionate.

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