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The criteria were either to help visually impaired young people meet others or to gain employment.The other ideas comprised a community site to help disabled people share experiences of job-hunting, an app that lets a user retrace the steps of another and an app that allows blind people navigate to a destination safely.Best friends just happen-- shouldn't a girfriend or boyfriend just happen?I remember when my mom bought my little sister a business suit in her final year of college.I want to be able to choose exactly what I'm in the mood for. Maybe I'm over simplifying it with these comparisons, but there are even more variables in meeting the right person than finding a food you like.You both need to be in the right state of mind to get together. I have so many friends that think certain girls are hot that I don't think are hot, and vice versa.

"For us this seemed like a great way to connect all people, not just those with vision impairment." Supported by Rewired State, the hackathon brought together 20 young people – some with visual impairments – to come up with four ideas in total.

Most of my friends are my friends because we are complete opposites of me.

Therefore, they often have opposite views in terms of attractiveness of girls too.

The next problem after a date like this is the pressure and responsibility that I have to behave after the date is over.

If I'm not interested, I already feel bad because this person is an acquaintance of my friend, and—in a way—I'm rejecting my friend's idea of me getting together with this girl.

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