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And I was also motivated by rereading some of Richard Gerald's new (and older) stories and his kind of intelligent, educated, apparently powerful women who can't quite get away with casual infidelity and lead the kind of lives they want to. I didn't recognize the man's voice and no names were mentioned and nothing was really spelled out - but obviously my wife was lying to me about something...meeting a man instead of girlfriends for a night out "relaxation". I wasn't a particularly jealous acting man, I thought. And I guess my boringly satisfied life was changing as well.

*************** I was following my wife to the auto dealership to get the very first 7500 mile oil change on our new Tahoe. I had no idea the Bluetooth range was that good, and through the metal of both vehicles even, and I wasn't even tailgating her car. It took me the normal 15 minutes to get my car all checked in and the salesman/repairs "advocate" to make his pitches for all the extras that I politely declined, then I joined my wife in her Lexus where she had remained on her phone.

She requested that I be her date for one of her cousin's wedding the next weekend after our third Friday night date. Forsythe County was north of Atlanta and borderline "the sticks" but still part of the Atlanta Metro area and many of the richest Atlantans had estates there. We did socialize with her coworkers quite a bit and I never got any real bad vibes from anyone - just a little bit of quite normal lack of attention paid me - since I wasn't a lawyer or cop or even a degree'd professional. Wounded and medically discharged but nothing permanent. I had bought an older "fixer upper" farmhouse with barn on about 5 acres of former farm land, broken out and sold separately from the surrounding 200 acres still being farmed by the relatives of the former owners - who had retired themselves and moved to Florida. I had converted the barn to my workshop and most of the furniture I made using recovered old barn, fence, and shack weathered hardwoods or pine heartwood. As far as I know it was all quite consensual between Jan and him. But then he moved on to a US Attorney's position in Atlanta and I only saw them together at a restaurant one other time after his move. "You know all this is just background and has to stay that way. He WAS just smart enough not to get accused of any sexual harassment outright. I don't know about you guys but I'm doing some serious drinking the rest of the night..." And that's what I did.

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I won't claim any PTSD problems, but I was now most comfortable with a plain and even boring life.

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