Free mobile cam

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Free mobile cam

The free version is ad-supported, although no ads were immediately visible on the main recording screen, and all ads disappear if you make a donation or in-app purchase.

Daily Roads Voyager includes a standard feature set like looped-recording and allows you to set the length of the loops and how much total storage space gets used before old recordings are overwritten.

Note that many dash cam apps can be operated when not actively in focus, meaning that they are capable of recording when there is absolutely no outward indication that your phone is recording.

The free version is supposedly ad supported, but no ads are visible on the main screen during recording.Some dash cam apps compare more favorably to various hardware types of dashboard cameras than others, and there are even some apps that provide functionality that you can't get from a physical device.For instance, some dash cam apps are actually capable of tying into an OBD2 Bluetooth scanner for a totally different experience from anything you can get out of a hardware dash cam.Some dash cam apps, like Auto Guard, make that a little easier.When you place your phone into a car dock, an app with this functionality will automatically turn on and start recording.

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While there is no paid version of Smart Dash Cam in the Google Play Store at this time, you can buy a premium, ad-free i OS version of the app for $2.99.

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