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In early December, a political disagreement got very nasty. Scott Taylor, a former Navy Seal and now congressman from Virginia.The other parties are groups that oppose giving amnesty to illegal aliens through the DACA or deferred action for childhood arrivals programs. BILLIE Well, your father and I want to make a present to you. By the time the company actually made its first million, the careerism and money seemed to erase her memory of the promise she'd made us. He'd begun planning to "slay the beast"..make himself free. POV: THE TOP OF THE TENT - SOFT FOCUS The glare of the sun penetrating the canvas. Can you name the Balkan leader who has been in high office longer than Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus? In Montenegro, Milo Djukanovic has held power and just about every high-level post there is over the past quarter century. There is usually only one reason for a politician to not want to give up the reins of power — the risk of being prosecuted for corruption. On Tuesday night, supporters of Roy Moore headed into the RSA center in downtown Montgomery, Alabama. INTO THE WILD Written by Sean Penn Based on the book by Jon Krakauer 1 EXT. The truck takes a BEAT, turns around in the snow, and accelerates back into the direction from which it came. COMMENCEMENT GROUNDS, EMORY UNIVERSITY, ATLANTA - 2 DAY SUPER: May 1990 The crowd of family and friends, and of course, students. Amongst assembled crowd and family we find: THE MCCANDLESS': BILLIE, mid to late forties with dark striking eyes; WALT, a taciturn man, early fifties; and CARINE, eighteen, pretty with her mother's eyes and waist length brown hair, a gold crucifix dangles from her neck.

But on the desk before him, he counts out 0.68 from a bank envelope. (HIGHWAY 20 TO 78 TO 40) PRESENTATION TITLES and MUSIC carry OVER: 9A. As we CRANE back UP, the Datsun moves into the horizon. It is positioned at the foot of a wash wall that edges the soup bowl. In the distance, voluptuous cumulonimbus clouds boil upward catching the last rosy glow of the west-setting sun over the rim of the upper Detrital watershed. REPRISE MUSIC OVER MAIN TITLE: (INTO THE WILD) Chris walks into the distance. Chris Mc Candless speaking to camera holds a microphone in a shadowy room, doing his Geraldo Rivera. CHRIS This is Emory University freshman Chris Mc Candless reporting from the vault at Thompson Hall. CAMERA quickly PANS to a blanket-wrapped, crawling FELLOW STUDENT in a grotesque Halloween mask. CAMERA SHAKES all over like a bad horror film trying to stay with Chris as he makes a quick escape down the hatchway into the University dorm corridor. TED TURNER/STUDENT (threatening) It'll mean your job, Chris Mc Candless. CHRIS (CONT'D) (into camera) This is the only thing that can kill the monster. Yet with what lipstick remains, he writes on the mirror: ALEXANDER SUPERTRAMP WAS HERE JULY 1990 CUT TO: 20 EXT. MCCANDLESS HOME, ANNANDALE 22 VARIOUS shots to accompany V. VARIOUS WILDLIFE SHOTS ANGLE: Chris - In his eyes we see the landscape inject itself. CAMPSITE, PACIFIC CREST TRAIL - SUNSET 27 SEQUENCE: Chris makes camp beside a stream pulling a sack of rice from his backpack and cooking it. CAMPSITE, PACIFIC CREST TRAIL - NIGHT 28 Wrapped in his own "The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly" poncho, Chris eats rice while crouched beside a campfire reading from Jack London's White Fang. PACIFIC CREST TRAIL - FURTHER NORTH - DAY 29 Chris is on the move north through the gorgeous landscape of the Sierras, humming as he walks, when he comes upon a sign on the trail: PERMIT CAMPING IN DESIGNATED CAMPGROUNDS ONLY.

He gives us a look of vaudevillian puzzlement - what will he do? It represents all the corruption, the deceit, and greed within us all. I've had to tell you that you are a journalist and you can't get personally involved in your cases..your stories. As the song continues to be sung and the monster continues to die, the AUDIO RECEDES and VIDEO IMAGES GO TO SLO MO. O.) When we were little, Chris was very to himself. They give him water, dropping him at the north end of the lake at TEMPLE BAR MARINA.

Your humble reporter, Chris Mc Candless will now struggle with the journalistic question of ethics: Will he retain his reporter's objectiveness or save the future of human truth by slaying this awful beast? TED TURNER/STUDENT (worst acting we've ever seen) Mc Candless, how many times have I had to tell you? CAMERA TILTS UP to the monster looking out the hatchway, slowly dying from the song being sung.

We STAY on the DRIVER as BACKPACK speaks: BACKPACK Keep it. I don't want to know what time it is, what day it is, or where I am. We can feel over Backpack's shoulder that he has taken the boots and is putting them on but we STAY on the driver. TIME CUT: SLO-MO: A ballet of graduation caps float upward into a frame of blue sky.

BACK TO: ORIGINAL WIDE-SHOT: We see the small form of the truck and the smaller form of the Backpacker walking away from the truck until the Backpacker has exited the frame. INTERCUT: Chris, on his run, sweatshirt hood over head. WALT Well, we'll certainly contribute the balance for Harvard. BILLIE I'm so glad you're getting out of that place you're living. WALT You'll come to Annandale before you disappear on us, won't you?

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