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Here’s why Gavin is indeed an undercover ladies’ man. “If you’re excited about somebody, how could you wait 3 days?

,” he said in regards to waiting to call or text someone three days after meeting them.

“I’m a restaurant guy,” he says, “Because I travel so much, I like going places where I’m familiar with the people.

When you bring someone to that scenario you’re introducing them to that community and they get to see what you’re really like, what types of people you hang with.” And wouldn’t it be so nice for the guy make the decisions for a change? Gavin says one of the biggest turn offs in a girl is “[b]eing so consumed in capturing the moment” he continued, “I want to live and enjoy [life] rather than going ’Document this.’ Life is about the moment.

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It’s just a feel thing.” Bet you’re happy you ditched calculous. Gavin knows better than to be one of those guys that won’t put down the potato chips or the remote.

’s theme song “I Don’t Wanna Be” took over our lives.

He puts on sold out shows as girls shamelessly sway, sing along and secretly want to do the nasty with him while watching— and now we finally know what it takes to win his affection.

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