Liquidating a company in sydney

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Liquidating a company in sydney

With 26 partners and over 100 staff in 25 locations across QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, SA, and WA we draw upon broader resources and technical expertise enabling us to be focused locally while being resourced nationally.

Liquidation occurs either because the company cannot pay all of its debts (i.e.

We invite you and your professional colleagues to join us.

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We use plain talk, we give straight answers and we get fast results.

Our unique systems and resources mean we leverage more experience and skill to achieve the best outcome to anyone facing insolvency.

This may occur in circumstances of deadlock, where there is an underlying dispute.

Liquidations can be commenced voluntarily by members.We offer free 24 hour phone advice AND a low cost director contribution!At Australian Company Liquidations, we know that no company is the same.Bankruptcy is a legitimate and just way for a debtor to solve their debt problems, and it is one way for creditors to take action against someone for unpaid debts.We offer our Guides to Insolvency to help assist and inform in any role that you may find yourself in, when advising on, or contemplating an insolvency administration.

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Remember, insolvency law is designed to give relief—not to punish.