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Loyaldating com

In the process, I got slapped, drinks thrown in my face, and kicked out of bars. A few months later, a friend took me to a seedy bar. Every rule, standard, and requirement a woman has about men and dating stems from her Logical Brain. Many folks believe our Logical Brain allows us to control what we perceive and how we act. Was it rational thinking that led her to go home with him? Instead, unconscious drives flooded her with arousal and compelled her to sleep with him.

What if you could go up to her and with a few simple words generate arousal so powerful that you were having sex with her shortly after? What if by short circuiting her Critical Factor, you could... Make her looks, height, age, income, and status requirements go bye bye... And turn all of her "good girl" rules, such as "I don't sleep with guys on the first date" into dust? And just to make my life tougher, I approached only the bitchiest, most uptight and judgmental women. Seconds after approaching a hottie with bitch written all over her face... The Logical Brain The neocortex or Logical Brain is the epicenter of logical thinking.

Inside Sexual Connections I'm going to teach how to use your words, voice, and body language to push each of these five triggers over and over again. But you didn't successfully pry open her sexual floodgates. Her sexual floodgates prevented arousal from flooding her body and her from acting on those feelings.

I proved myself in front of some of the heavy weights in the seduction industry. But he was willing to pony up the cash for me to stop the pain. He calmed down and explained to me what he'd studied and tried on women. With more confidence and practice, you'll get better.

A disheveled drunk staggered up to me and slurred, "I called you a few years back. Put simply, they think the Logical Brain gives us free will. The next morning, her Logical Brain came up with rational reasons to justify she slept with him.

Most likely, you've unknowingly used part of this system before... There's no doubt about it: Being a woman's type can sexually arouse her. Physically appealing to a woman is one of many ways you can flood her body with sexual arousal.

Unfortanately, most men don't have a clue how to sexual arouse women.

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But specific neurological structures in a woman’s brain regulate her arousal.

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