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After a while Stefan became aware that Caroline's feelings for him had turned romantic and made several attempts to reconcile, but their friendship remained strained.

After her mother was diagnosed with cancer, Stefan stuck by Caroline through her grief and they made up.

During Caroline's mom's funeral ceremony, Stefan overcame the doubts in his mind and realized that he had developed deep feelings for Caroline - referring to it as being potentially "something even better" than his previous romances, even if he could not quite define them - but after the service, he arrived at her address too late to tell her since she had already flipped her humanity switch in order to cope with her mother's death and in the belief that her love was unrequited. The relationship between the cured vampire doppelgänger, Stefan Salvatore and the vampire, Caroline Forbes. In Season One, Caroline felt an attraction for Stefan, but he rejected her immediately because he was interested in Elena. I remember how you told me that when I was ready for you, you would be ready for me. I think a part of me has been ready for this day since the moment I first saw you, the new mystery guy in the hallway at school. A hundred years from now, I will remember this moment for the both of us.In Season Six, Caroline and Stefan haven't seen and spoken in four months after the death of Bonnie and Damon.Stefan didn't answer her calls and she did her best to find out what's up with him. She was upset that Stefan had decided to move on with his life and try to forget all about the old, Damon's death and her.

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