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Myammee dating

20 Pack and T-Weed originally had an agreement to not have Buddha picked on either team, as he was a big physical threat, but he was eventually chosen to be on the Green Team by T-Weed, much to the displeasure of The Entertainer.It was down to It, Leilene and Tamara for the final picks, and then 20 Pack picked It for the Gold Team.When Angela ' Myammee' Pitts was kicked off Flava Of Love 3...? - angela pitts boyfriend If Myammee "Angela Pitts has started Flava Of Love 3, since he has been threatened by phone, come into being? When Leilene and Tamara had a chance to plead their case, Leilene said she may of messed up, but she's still a good player, while Tamara doesn't make much of an effort.T-Weed decides to pick the final girl by arm wrestling, to which Leilene won.

T-Weed picks Onix, Bonez, Myammee, Buckwild, Milf, Buddha, and Ice.Heat then calls up Onix and tells him because of his failure to throw the challenge, he can't trust him, and thus his check is voided.Onix then says Heat just eliminated his only friend in the house.The challenge was called the Mud Pit, where each contestant would have one minute to swim in the mud and find as many gold coins within the time limit.Leilene did the worst with no coins, while Tamara has a fear of water, thus found only a few coins. Before picking teams, 20 Pack and T-Weed begin talking to the other contestants and from there, alliances begin to form with The Entertainer, Heat, 20 Pack and eventually Tailor Made (who originally tried to form an alliance with Buddha) in one, and Saaphyri, Buckwild and Leilene in another.

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Bonez ends up losing some of his hair products into the water, while Myammee worries about getting her synthetic weave wet.

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