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With him out, Kyle Kuzma is the clear beneficiary while Julius Randle should absolutely play more power forward than he has to this point. In layman's terms, that's the bone in his palm that connects to his index finger.

The change from the initial diagnosis of it being to his thumb shouldn't change his prognosis too much and he's likely looking at somewhere between 4-8 weeks off depending on the treatment plan.

After his second metacarpal fracture on Thursday, he will have surgery on his left hand.

Having said that, all three of them are still worth owning, as Luke Walton struggles with the challenge of giving each of them enough minutes to be productive.

The Lakers mixed things up with Brook Lopez (ankle) out tonight, starting Andrew Bogut and Kyle Kuzma in the frontcourt, but Nance subbed in for Bogut just 18 seconds into the third quarter due to matchups. A.'s lineups are likely to change frequently in the coming weeks, so we're not reading too much into tonight's rotations vs.

a Rockets team that's a nightmare to match up with.

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It's looking like Nance could be a matchup piece against teams like the Rockets because he's played just 22 minutes over his last two games combined.

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