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Paradise island dating show

Provide enough material for all of us to laugh at together and you’d be set for life with Instagram endorsements.

–inspired opening credits sequence with a perfectly cheesy theme song, where each contestant made a self-referential visual joke.

(Each week, there would be an unequal number of ladies and gents, and members of the sex with the lower number would choose which members of the opposite gender to give roses to, sending the rest home.) The parade of horrible, desperate make-out sessions I’ve seen in the show’s three completed seasons make Screech from fan, live for. To date, it has produced one real marriage (Jade and Tanner Tolbert, who met in season two and will soon be having a baby), one fake marriage (Lacy Faddoul and Marcus Grodd, season one’s golden couple who never married despite walking down the aisle in season two, and are now broken up), and three engagements last season alone.

One of those engagements is turning into a real marriage, too: Evan Bass and Carly Waddell’s ceremony was scheduled to be filmed for this season of the greatest bad show of all the summers in all the land is that everyone was in on the joke: the producers, the contestants, and the viewers.

They just went to Vegas and one guy slept with three women in two days,’” he said. And for some reason it’s considered okay and everybody likes this guy. ’” Bi P was made even trashier and more delightful to scoff-watch because the cast was filled with villains, wackadoos, and barely memorables who’d blown it on their original series and then volunteered for humiliation all over again. It’s a spectacle I’ve gleefully dissected on podcasts, but also praised as the more natural cousin to its formality-soaked feeder series.

Word first broke Sunday afternoon that production had been halted due to “allegations of misconduct” on the reality series, in which also-rans gather for three weeks on a beach in Mexico in a margarita-fueled haze to find love (a.k.a. Since then, each breaking-news item has been more awful than the last.Their best date came when he faked an illness and she accompanied him to the hospital.) But the show’s core identity is summer fun, and summer fun such as this cannot survive allegations of sexual assault, no matter how those allegations play out. The tapes, the investigation, and the lawyers whom both Jackson and Olympios are said to have retained will determine responsibility.Some of it will likely land on the production, which supplies alcohol to contestants to increase drama and may or may not have put a contestant in danger because they wanted to capture that danger on film.What we know is that at least one of the show’s producers filed a third-party complaint about filmed sexual activity between two very drunk cast members, one of whom may have been too drunk to consent. and ABC have sent everyone home and are “conducting a thorough investigation.” Both contestants involved, De Mario Jackson, 30, and Corrine Olympios, 24, have leaked their versions of events through anonymous sources to TMZ, and both released explosive personal statements on Wednesday.Olympios’s began, “I am a victim,” though notably she did not mention Jackson. Host Chris Harrison has urged patience, while one of the show’s producers gave a horrifying and graphic account to .

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Unlike the vast majority of sexual-assault cases, this one was filmed. But no matter what those answers are, it’s clear the only possible road forward from this horrible mess is cancellation not just of the season, but the entire series.

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