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Situated in a park, on a sliver of an island, the dome peeks through tall trees as we approach by car.

It is both historic and futuristic — a gleaming apparition that has yet to fully take hold.

Safdie had hoped his diagram would become an opus to affordable housing and prefabrication, but its desirability transformed it into a very successful coop.

How can I not order the Oriental Omelette at Byblos Petit Cafe, an Iranian restaurant in the bohemian neighborhood of Plateau Mont-Royal? This popular breakfast spot delivers; perfectly scrambled eggs, sprinkled with cardamon, rose petals and crushed nuts, are paired with sweet bread embedded with traces of black sesame paste, all washed down with a bitter strong tea.

I order radishes with a biscuit, shaved celery root, and snow crab.

The small golden biscuit’s flaky interior is a lush spring green, the flour blended with the radish leaves, as is the whipped butter, while the soft pink-red tops of the miniature radishes bleed into the white tails. The impetus for this quick sojourn is Peter Doig: No Foreign Lands at the Musee Des Beaux-Arts, a recent exhibition that originated in Scotland and does not travel to the US.I enter through the Jean-Noël Desmarais Pavilion, another Safdie design, built in 1991 (above) and is fussy and aggressive.The more recent paintings resonate with deliberate architectural motifs — oversized speakers, ping pong tables, diving boards and hammocks.(It’s been noted that one will find Le Corbusier catalogs in his studio.) These cinematic, enigmatic scenes in oil on linen, leave me breathless. If she’d been a New Yorker, her vision for an international research center and museum would be based here instead of her hometown of Montreal.

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The unusual color palette leaves me riveted and I am reminded of Doig’s paintings from earlier in the day.

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