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Melania is not the first stunning, anatomically-wondrous goddess to find herself curiously smitten with an odious billionaire thirty years her senior. Leggy, sharp-elbowed, ex-models litter Chelsea’s restaurants with their Toad of Toad Hall partners. Feminism, in all its modern self-reflective giddiness, has still never quite addressed why so many of our sisters are more than happy to lie back and think of England, the Net-a-Porter handbag pages and a nice long break in the Seychelles.

And now Melania Trump, prized from her New York penthouse, must play the role, under global scrutiny, of the best, most adoring, most supportive, sincerely and unconditionally loving wife ever. The very first thing she should do is change her husband’s Twitter password.

No smells, no sounds, no awkward “perhaps give that a moment” pleas from the slinky Slovenian.

And of course the brainwashing process that I’d love to undergo has a similar background, though I suppose the first thing that brought that idea to my attention was a Carry On film when Barbara Windsor was ‘brainwashed’ by some wonderful looking electrical helmet along with an episode of The Avengers where Emma Peel was brainwashed as well which played a part.A curvy, blue eyed blonde who was pretty enough to attract admirers even in her forties, without being stunningly beautiful, but who seemed to put off potential suitors of both sexes with this strange desire of hers to be controlled in a very extreme way.Something he really couldnt understand if he was being honest, but....And, yes, even if Melania lived like a bird in a gilded cage, rarely leaving the penthouse, residents complained of looky-loos and rubber-neckers causing constant traffic jams around Trump Tower.But more than this, there was a great deal of pressure on Melania Trump to do her duty from all sides of the political spectrum. But all of this is fine, because remember the tweet? Even if during the recent Trump visit to Israel, the First Lady’s disgruntlement was poorly concealed.

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