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Half-way out there is already a reef being worked, and Smith, the prospector of this latter area, is sanguine of the results."In an issue early in September it was stated that Jessop and party had applied for a "protection area" at the Broughton. Hugh Mosman applied to me for a pro tection area to prospect for a quarts reef 15 miles due west- of the Broughton at a place which he call ed Charters Towers. "On the second day after leaving, I visited this copper, mine, and found that very fine indications existed, although a lode had notbeen reached.The work of miners was being hampered owing to lack of water. with the address and dating, Broughton goldfield February 7. ' The Works were under the charge of a practical Cornish miner, who stated that the lode would be reached in ten or fourteen days—an opinion verified by the fact, as I was afterwards informed.From the Tate to the Walsh is 32 miles, over sandstone and conglomerate ridges; the country much broken.

Everything they do is performed under the supervision of a leader, said leaders having their men drawn up in squads or companies, We observe the teams that have loaded up, and are om their way to the Palmer.Pynes and party have started a deep shalt, intending to cut the reef at 45 feet. An experienced miner gives it as his opinion that the Broughton ls likely to turn out well." But Charters Towers, turning out better, called men to it. The curtain rose high to reveal the greatest drama of the Golden 'Seventies. Jardine choosing Millchester as the more suitable site, much to the dissatisfaction of the people of the Upper Camp. It is seldom that in a reefing population numbering scarcely 400, more than 200 find themselves in a position to take the road for a journey of 250 miles across an unknown country, peopled only by swarms of wild blacks, within a week of the arrival of the pioneers announcing a fresh gold discovery—fully equipped with horses, arms, provisions for several months, medicines, and everything necessary for an extended gold-seeking campaign.Jessop and party's protection area looks well the reef is three feet through, but the nearest water is a mile away. A terrifically hot day in late 1871 brought about a typical North Queensland thunderstorm over the country west of Ravenswood goldfield. Kelly's Queen Block, Victory Stockholm Band of Hope, Papuan. Alter pointing out the importance of extending the telegraph to Charters Towers, and referring to other matters of detail, Mr. But this has been the case here ; and in addition to the largest half of the mining population who have already left, so many others are prepar- ing to start, that another fortnight will leave the district the very picture of a deserted gold-field.Leaving Frith's they made the Lynd, which they crossed at about 25 miles, the intervening country being well watered.Thirty miles of r0ugh country beyond the Lynd brought the party to the Tate, where they spent two days in prospecting, but succeeded in finding nothing but colours.

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The Palmer is also a running stream, and there is plenty of water at this time of the year for working the river banks, the gullies, and ravines adjacent to the river.

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