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But a scan proved otherwise and the 57-year-old was shocked to discover she had a tooth growing in her nasal cavity.

Doctors at Hunan Provincial People's Hospital, in Changsha, in south central part of the country, said when they first saw the strange circular object lodged in the woman's nose they didn't immediately know what it was.

Dr Zhou said the condition is known as supernumerary teeth, which causes an extra tooth or teeth to grow in often random places on the face.

The condition is present at birth and the medic notes that the tooth develops during pregnancy.

When a woman from China suffered constant nosebleeds for decades, few people could have predicted the cause, a tooth growing in her nose.

Up to 3.9 per cent of people have more teeth that usual and they can erupt in unexpected places, according to previous studies.

News media is reporting that the two families have not yet met but will be doing so soon, and Song Joong Ki is renovating his mansion and is expected that the newlyweds to be residing there.

Further gossip has the couple dating since filming wrapped for Dot S in late 2015, even before the drama premiered in early 2016, which is no surprise since dating rumors have been percolating about these two since the very beginning of their meeting on the filming set.

Dating acting couple Lee Jun Ki and Jeon Hye Bin have confirmed that they are broken up, with their mutual agency explaining that the couple broke up after two years of dating due to their busy schedules.

Lee Jun Ki is currently filming , so both really are super busy but I think it’s impossible to ignore that Jeon Hye Bin has been the target of a small faction of Lee Jun Ki fans (the crazy ones) who don’t like her for their oppa and even go as far as to post harassing comments on her SNS account.

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Symptoms of such a problem include a blocked nose, headaches, nose bleeds, foul-smelling mucus and even external deformities of the nose.

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