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The older version feels faster and loads videos and apps quicker than this device also.The OS6 is still glitchy and had trouble loading your apps on the homepage and the 'My Apps" page.

I had no issues with set up or software, as I've read some others have had.As an “upgraded” version of the Fire TV, this device fails in almost every way possible...Internal components - FAILExternal option features - FAILOS6 Firware - FAIL (not ready for initial release)Amazon removed the built in ethernet attachment and instead makes you purchase an ethernet accessory dongle if you want the option to hard wire the internet.Looking at the specs the processor is actually slower, and the 4k capability is only SLIGHTLY improved over the Fire TV2.After two years of design the only display difference was to upgrade 4k from 30fps to 60fps.

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My hope is that Amazon will improve these UI failures and make this device much better. This evening I saw a banner ad on the Fire TV 4k home screen advertising a Hewlett Packard computer.

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