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It’s something we were so aware of during the entire season – what’s this finale going to be, how are we going to give these people the ending they deserve for all their years of watching?

I was really happy when I saw it, I think it really works.

We had such an amazing bond, and I’m also really grateful that the show is ending [on top] – it was in the top 10 [in the ratings] last week.

I feel like this last season was a really strong one.

As we approach the end of , Heller and Tunney open up about the final day of filming, Jane and Lisbon’s fairy-tale wedding and if they’d ever be open to a reboot.

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Tunney: Fans of TV shows are so committed to the characters and to the story.Tunney and series creator Bruno Heller spoke with about how the planned ending for the series changed as the characters evolved, why Baker and Tunney needed to be coached on kissing and whether more new episodes could be in the cards for the series.See more Saying Goodbye: TV Shows Ending During 2014-15 Season When did you decide that a wedding was in the cards for Jane and Lisbon?Heller: The last scene that wasn’t the goodbye scene was Lazarus, the serial killer, bursting into their log cabin and finds the cops.There were a lot of cops on the set and everybody who wanted to be there was on the set, and then there’s Robin, Simon, Tim [Kang] and Rock[mond Dunbar] having to act while this farewell scene is going on inches away from them behind camera. What was lovely about this season was we got to go on a more personal journey with Jane and Lisbon – there was no Red John hanging over their heads – as they figured out their relationship and if they could have a future. Heller: It was very much designed as an encore, a curtain call for the show and the audience.

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We get to end on a high note and the fans still want more – what a way to go out.

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