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Speed dating game instructions

If your bachelorette is not very experienced, have her prepare a few questions in advance to ask her potential dates.

End the game when one actor’s performance has clearly stood out.Pulling the joystick was similar, in a psychological sense, to approaching the individuals in the pictures—and when people approach someone, their feelings about that person tend to warm.Finkel and Eastwick speculated that in speed dating, physically approaching someone might be enough to make the potential date more appealing romantically—and thus, because men usually approach women in such events, to make the men less choosy overall.For example, body movements can subconsciously influence people’s attitudes toward another race.In a 2007 study at York University in Canada psychologists found that nonblack participants who were trained to pull a joystick toward them when they saw a picture of a black person subsequently had fewer implicit (subconscious) biases against blacks than people who were trained to push the joystick away or to the left or right.

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Have the audience yell out suggestions for the suitor’s professions.

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