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Sql updating a table

We recommend that you always explicitly define a column as NULL or NOT NULL for noncomputed columns.

[ ROWGUIDCOL ] Applies to: SQL Server 2008 through SQL Server 2017 and Azure SQL Database.If the column being modified is encrypted using ENCRYPTED WITH, you can change the datatype to a compatible datatype (such as INT to BIGINT) but you cannot change any encryption settings. For more information about valid scale values, see Precision, Scale, and Length (Transact-SQL).max Applies only to the varchar, nvarchar, and varbinary data types for storing 2^31-1 bytes of character, binary data, and of Unicode data.Only one uniqueidentifier column per table can be designated as the ROWGUIDCOL column, and the ROWGUIDCOL property can be assigned only to a uniqueidentifier column.ROWGUIDCOL cannot be assigned to a column of a user-defined data type.

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To change the collation of a user-defined alias data type column, you must execute separate ALTER TABLE statements to change the column to a SQL Server system data type and change its collation, and then change the column back to an alias data type.