Updating initrd Chathurika life xxx

Posted by / 02-Aug-2019 04:56

-j2 (default: enabled) Clone the hidden data between MBR and 1st partition: If this option is set, the 15 hidden sectors between Master Boot Record and the first partition are restored.

This area usually contains some data necessary for booting.

The option is enabled by default and shouldn't cause any harm.

Just ignore the error, and try to connect to the Clonezilla host through SSH.

Clonezilla ships with SSH, but you must run /etc/init.d/ssh start to start it.

However, it should be disabled if you for example have another bootloader in MBR and chainload GRUB with it.

-j1 (default: disabled) Write MBR (512 B) again after image is restored.

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Only Windows cares that a partition be marked as bootable and its type be NTFS/HPFS.