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As per our list it is clearly visible that Samsung device(s) have many developers contributing for CM14/Cyanogen Mod 14 Nougat ROMs followed by Motorola device(s).

Just making a statement which you can concentrate while buying the next phone probably, take my words.

Well, I took a leap and did a power button long press.

I had to keep the button pressed while unlocking TWRP at the same time and I got my Nexus to boot. Figured I'd provide an update in case this happens to anyone else.

As Cyanogen Mod 14 is in very very early stage, it is strongly recommended that to keep a nandroid backup of the current ROM before upgrading to any of the Android Nougat ROMs whether it be AOSP or Cyanogen Mod 14 or any other ROM.

If you are looking for Cyanogen Mod 14 ROM for your own device then keep an eye on this particular page or the OFFICIAL CM14.1 page.

These are all UNOFFICIAL Cyanogen Mod 14/CM14 Nougat updates contributed from many uncountable developers across the globe.

Unofficial Cyanogen Mod ROMs might still be built by individual developers but you need to understand that the Cyanogen Mod ROM will not be enhanced further, meaning there will be no Cyanogen Mod 15 in future because Cyanogen Mod will be continued as Lineage OS, just stay tuned to the following link to get all Lineage OS 14.1 ROM updates.

It is possible that many devices for which Cyanogen Mod 14/CM14 is available but might not be there in our list yet.

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Originally Posted by casey225 I just had the same problem as well using twrp on transformer prime 64gb.

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