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Originally, two too-low support zones flanked a vaulted clear-span reading room with generous clerestories at the north and a delightful grouping of angled stone walls and windows at the south.

However, from the beginning some support zones and meeting spaces were in a windowless basement.

Decorative 3-Form components (used on the ceiling and wall planes) and custom digital wallcoverings bring personalized detail to the client.

The live plant wall showcases and establishes a visual connection to the unseen outdoors.

The new library anchors the northwest corner of the site with a dramatic corner and rhythmically composed facades behind lawns along the streets.

This moderate-speed parkway includes naturalized areas and a multi-use trail along its south side, though a rail line and some utilitarian industrial buildings remain to the north.

The new building takes elements from the vocabulary of the existing, but transforms them to create better scale, a more civic presence, and many more attractive, daylit spaces.

The new building’s two stories give it a scale in keeping with the traditional downtown and provide windows on all sides.

Additionally, a great level of attention was given to the lighting solution of the workspace.

Wall grazing fixtures at all perimeter rooms give the illusion of exterior windows and create depth in the space.

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The site occupies a full block along Maple Avenue, one block east of Central Avenue, Marshfield’s intact historic main street, and just west of the historic Pleasant Hill neighborhood.