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But what if those megastar celebrities' fame and fortune, while welcome, didn't alter their lives in any considerable way?What about the super-famous guys and gals who still shop in Whole Foods, don't bother with personal assistants, and happily clip coupons in order to ensure they always get the best deals?His Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation has raised nearly million for the World Wildlife Fund's tiger habitat in 2013, along with " million in grants to organizations implementing innovative and impactful environmental projects around the globe." With those milestones behind him, why would he need for a flashier car?J-Law is one of the most famous and highly paid actors on the planet, scoring an Oscar for her role in Silver Linings Playbook and spearheading the hugely lucrative Hunger Games franchise, among a multitude of other projects.It's generally assumed that, once you hit the big time and start making serious money, your life changes completely.Certain people covet this lifestyle, while others shy away from it.Since retiring from The Tonight Show (the wages for which he reportedly put entirely into his savings accounts throughout his run), Leno has lived purely off the proceeds from his lucrative stand-up career, which is presumably a lot easier with all that extra money stashed in the bank.

On top of this, nearly half of her total assets were safely held in bank accounts, with the rest spread out across stocks, bonds and real estate.As long as the Foos continue selling out arenas worldwide, however, he has no real reason to worry about his career slowing down any time soon.She stars on a hugely successful TV show, but New Girl star Zooey Deschanel hasn't let her considerable success get to her head.As for dressing herself in the latest threads, Parker supposedly had her choice of Carrie's clothes once Sex And The City wrapped, so she probably doesn't need to fork over for new stuff for herself too often either.Another hugely famous actress, and well-known TV star, who learned to live frugally thanks to her difficult upbringing is Buffy herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar.

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Gellar, whose father left the family when she was a young child (the star credits her mother with teaching her to live modestly) isn't ashamed of using coupons and striving to get the best deal wherever she shops.

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