Who is steve guttenberg dating

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He is cut and constantly makes innuendoes about his cock size.

Ross also makes subtle comments such as, "I'm EXTREMELY well endowed! Brandon Routh: The American actor, star of "Superman Returns" is extremely well endowed.

He dallied with his ex-wife Flor (daughter of dictator Trujillo) during his marriage to Doris Duke, and with Zsa Zsa Gabor during his marriage to Barbara Hutton.

Kim Novak freaked and ran out of the room when she saw his monster cock.

The standing rule of the club was that one must be hung at least 10 inches to join.

Jerry Seinfeld: The American actor, writer and "observational" comedian supposedly has a huge cock.

One of his teammates used to win easy 0 bets from guys by proving "Big Bill" had at least 10 inches by inviting them into the locker room to watch Russel emerge from the shower.

A sportswriter wrote, "12 inches limp, the biggest I've seen." He is one of the most decorated athletes in sports history.

They were compared to the Marx Brothrs and had considerable success in movies such as "Hotel Anchovy", "Sing, Baby, Sing", "One in a Million", "On the Avenue", "You Can't Have Everything", "Life Begins in College", "The Goldwyn Follies", "Kentucky Moonshine", "Straight Place and Show", and "The Three Musketeers".

Harry Ritz along with his friends Milton Berle and Forrest Tucker founded "The Long Schlong Club of Bel Air".

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Warren Beatty consulted him for his role as a gigolo in "The Roman Spring of Mrs. Rubirosa told him, "You're focusing on only the male, the cock. Rule number one: the woman must have had at least one orgasm before you even think of entering her." A new book "Chasing Rubi" reveals that he may have been a secret agent and assassin.