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turcicus on the ranch as it has in Lake Placid and in other areas of syntopy in Florida (Meshaka, 1995).

Of the seven established exotics in Lake Placid, the braminy blind snake No.

1 1997] MESHAKA— HERPETOFAUN A OF BUCK ISLAND RANCH 3 (Ramphotyphlops braminus), the cane toad (Bufo marinus), and the Cuban treefrog (Osteopilus septentrionalis), were not recorded on the ranch.

Sea- sonal flooding of most of the ranch could preclude or severely limit the colonization of R.

The Old World tropical house gecko {Hemidactylus ma- bouia) is also expected to colonize BIR.

This species occurs nearby in Palm- dale, Glades Co. With the exception of aquatic forms, most of the native herpetofauna of BIR were found in more than one habitat (Table 1) where they exploited a hydrologically patchy environment. holbrooki) were present in ENP and KOPSMS, within the geographic range of BIR, but not recorded during this study. holbrooki, absence from the checklist was probably from lack of sufficient collecting effort. holbrooki were heard or seen during torrential rainfall in March 1 993 nor at any time during this study.

turcicus was ever seen on a building and none anywhere else. garnotii might explain the dearth and eventual loss of H.

In this con- nection, one failed attempt at colonization of buildings at BIR from a trailer is reported for this species (Meshaka, 1996a).

Presumably, these events are likely to increase in frequency with recent increases in the number of visiting researchers to BIR.

Many of the species observed in these localities, including Mallomonas corcontica, M. Including this paper, the scaled chrysophytes found in Florida now comprises 67 taxa.

Hemidactylus mabouia as an established member of the Florida herpetofauna. The p H of the waterbodies ranged from 6.0 to 6.4, and were mostly stained with dissolved humic substances. We believe further observations will yield additional records.

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Vagility and the Florida distribution of the Cuban treefrog (Osteopilus septen- trionalis).