Doublelift: Leena ‘has nothing to do’ with me joining Team SoloMid

Andy Dinh born April 19, , better known by his in-game name Reginald , is a Vietnamese-American entrepreneur and former professional League of Legends player. Dinh began playing League of Legends in the Closed Beta in Playing alongside his brother, Dan Dinh , he quickly became one of the most recognizable players in the game’s sprouting player base. Andy and his brother then formed one of the earliest competitive League of Legends teams, team All or Nothing , during the League of Legends closed beta in September Following these defeats, notable founding member Christian “The Rain Man” Kahmann resigned from the team citing differences in interests and Team Solomid subsequently picked up Marcus “Dyrus” Hill to fill the empty spot, as he was already living in the TSM house. Reginald retired from competing at the end of the season. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Reginald speaks about the recent TSM drama

Andy ” Reginald ” Dinh is the co-owner of Team SoloMid , and is also currently a substitute for the team. He was previously the team’s mid laner. On September , Reginald created the SoloMid. Net website.

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Reginald Dating Leena – Andy Dinh Net Worth 2019, Bio, Girlfriend, Family and Age

Collecting vintage postcards is a fastinating hobby and some postcards can be quite valuable. Reginald now works as a boss and occasional coach of Team Solo. There is no record of him dating in high school. It was a solid win to send the Vikes into the bye week as they wait to see who emerges in the Divisional Round. As far as we know he is currently single. In the he made a brief appearance as mid laner during Week 7 as a substitute while returned to while renewing his United States.

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Unfortunately, this fails to address the clear conflict of interest present in the TSM camp, especially if Leena had been having these kinds of calls in the past. This is something that her first statement on the matter made on Reddit addressed explicitly, as she mentions that she has had business dealings while Doublelift was streaming in the same room before.

However, now that this has happened, they could step in and lay down punishments or some form of block on TSM participating in the League without Xu being removed from her position of power over the players on the League of Legends roster. Of course, with these accusations now flying around, Andy Dinh had no choice but to issue a statement of his own on the situation, denying the conflict of interest that apparently exists between Doublelift and Leena.

She has no decision-making power over our LCS roster, players, or salaries. She works on business operations and content with the League. For me at that time, I thought that there was enough — and there still is enough — distance surrounding their working relationship that I am comfortable with their roles as the majority shareholder of Swift. Both Leena and Peter are also the very best candidates for their positions. In my opinion as the leader of this organization, there is no financial benefit or working benefit from their relationship.

Dinh went on to defend Xu, stating that she had suggested several acquisitions from around the esports world that went on to be very profitable for the company, but was quick to note that her handling of the Dardoch situation was not appropriate in the slightest. Despite that, it is very sad for me to see the community discredit her hard work as a female in esports.

She was not given this position because of her former relationship with me. I can absolutely assure the community that Leena is deserving of her position.

TSM president under fire after leak on Doublelift stream

So I wanted to take the time to address some of these points, and also provide a short update. My goal has always been about setting a good example for other esports organizations on how to treat players where we balance business interests while at the same time being fair to players. In this case, we did not live up to those standards. We will reflect on our mistakes and make the necessary changes to prevent this from happening again.

“It hasn’t been a secret that Peter and I have been dating,” she tells approved by the league’ and it’s still not really satisfying for them [the.

Because Doublelift is currently in a relationship with TSM President Leena Xu, many perceived this transaction to be unethical, despite the fact that Riot Games publicly stated that they were kept aware of the trade, investigated, and found no wrongdoing. Now, though, there has been more fuel added to the fire. Now there are a lot of layers to the issue of the original trade and now the revelation that Leena discusses TSM business in front of a current player.

There have been implications from posts on Reddit that she may have done this in the past while Doublelift was a member of Team Liquid. This creates a question of conflict of interest for her conduct and the knee-jerk reaction from most commentators has been predictably harsh. In my opinion, while the outrage against her is justified for her poor, unprofessional decision, evidence of any actual wrongdoing is flimsy.

And, if any party is being harmed by a conflict of interest, ironically, that party would be TSM themselves. My daily job is a contracts attorney, so I review contracts including non-disclosure agreements, service agreements, and the like on a day-to-day basis.

LCS: Reginald responds to TSM Dardoch controversy

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facts, biography, girlfriend (Leena Xu), quotes, and net worth of Andy “Reginald​” Dinh. READ THIS NEXT: Jenna Shea on Dating Lil Wayne.

By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. American native Andy Dinh better known by his alias named Reginald is professionally an entrepreneur and a former gamer who is the founder of eSports organization called Team SoloMid TSM. His nationality is American and is of Asian descent. As for his educational background, he enrolled at Westmont High School but dropped out in his junior year to focus on gaming. Formerly, he played the game League of Legends professionally under his alias name Reginald.

But due to disagreements between the brothers they disbanded and Andy Dinh focused on the website SoloMid. Just announced our investment! Was told I was the only one ever to ask. Additionally, for live competitions, they sell out arenas like Madison Square Garden. The team is active on YouTube as well with 1. His main source of earning is from his career as a gamer and coach. Similarly, his team earned a huge amount of money from playing various games. His assets and properties are not listed.

The streamer Andy Dinh is not married and not rumored to be in a relationship with anyone at the moment.

TSM: A Lawyer Breaks Down All the Doublelift, Leena, Dardoch Drama

Dinh reginald nicknamed dating Reginald , and he earned it through his sincere and dedication in the Gaming world. He has reached 26 years as of. Reginald has American and Vietnamese nationality. Andy attended the Andy High School, Campbell. Leena extremely hardworking Andy is currently single. Previously, he was in a relationship with Leena Xu.

People have been thrilled with the success of Leena Xu in the esports is that Leena Xu began to take part in the gaming community when she was still a old in after she started dating Andy Dinh, the founder of Team SoloMid (TSM).

A truly beautiful and very industrious woman, Leena Xu is a very active participant in the world of esports. She has grown to become one of the leaders in the gaming industry and is very respected for her work. Over the years, she has grown through the rank to become the president of Team SoloMid TSM , which happens to be one of the most recognizable esports organizations in North America at the moment.

She is now very popular on social media and is followed by many die-hard fans who storm her page every day to have a feel of her beauty which she shows off very frequently in the many posts she makes on Instagram. She is also responsible for the success of some of the well-known gamers at the moment, having sought them out to get them signed to TSM. Leena Xu was born on the 17th day of April in the year Very little is known about her background as she has kept a lot about herself quite private.

In fact, the exact place where she was born is still vague at the moment. It is, however, known that she is an Asian woman.

TSM Reginald: new roster, why he made changes, how TSM isn’t just an NA team, expectations for 2018